Follow these tips for a nourishing, strengthening and healthy winter season.

  • Add ghee, avacado, sesame oil or olive oil to your grains and soups.
  • First thing in the morning drink a glass of warm water with lemon to cleanse your lymph.
  • Follow a regular rhythm of sleep, exercise, mealtimes and rest.
  • Sleep with a warm mist humidifier to keep your sinuses clear.
  • To keep your ears lubricated and helping to prevent infections, place a few drops of body temperature warm sesame oil in each ear and leave a cotton ball in for 15 minutes.  Perform weekly, particularly for children.
  • Give yourself a warm abhyanga oil treatment with sesame oil to balance your nervous system and detox your lymphatic system.
  • For 5-10 minutes each morning and evening, breathe slowly and quietly in and out through your nose to calm your mind.
  • Exercise in the morning to increase circulation, mood and immunity.
  • Perform Neti by irrigating your nasal passage with warm salt water.  Always follow with Nasya (oil in the nostrils and inhaling deeply so you can taste the oil in the back of your throat)