"When you are with Krista, you sense immediately that you are literally in the hands of someone who is authentic, genuine, and sincere. Within her therapy space you experience a calm, trusting, and safe atmosphere, and your body and mind allow a deep feeling of relaxation to begin to wash over you. Krista's touch is gentle but confident and, above all, healing. As she works with you, your body says thank you in a number of ways. Breathing slows down and becomes more even and regular. Physical concerns (mine were a stiff back and diminished hearing) begin to respond with her masterful work on feet and body. Within this therapeutic experience your mind is free to wander, and in a highly relaxed, almost meditative state, a lovely sense of "floating" can occur while your body takes care of itself. I highly recommend spending time with Krista, for yourself, or to treat someone you love with the gift of total calm, trust, and healing. By the way, I can honestly say that my hearing and back issues began to resolve themselves the first treatment I had with Krista. I happily return to see her regularly. She is truly gifted, a young master practicing her art and craft beautifully."

Adam Wolf 



"Reflexology is the best feeling in the world.  I can escape into this wonderful place, relax and feel this absolute serenity.  I have had many massages in my life but this treatment comes as close as you can get to heaven.  It’s a must!"

Beth Walker



"I have been going to Krista Carleton, at Inner Reflexions, for years and find her treatments so relaxing.  Krista is so gentle and the treatments are always so soothing.  Inner Reflexions offers many different treatments and I have tried most all, as she was taking courses or come back from India where she gained new insight in the ayurvedic healings.  She has also become a great friend over the years, one I can discuss all my worries with.  She has always been a supportive listener, offering what treatments and solutions that might work to relieve my symptoms.  I am a breast cancer survivor and she has been there to support me all the way, thru’ radiation treatments and with mental support. My all time favorite treatment is her ‘Total Renewal Reflexology Treatment’.  It truly makes me feel like a new person.  Everyone should treat themselves to some ‘Me Time’ on a regular basis."

Sandra Priestap



"I'd been suffering from plantar fasciitis for several months, and had gotten to a point where I just accepted hobbling around all the time as the state of my life. Fortunately, I met Krista and started reflexology treatment with her.  I've seen her five times in the last two months, and my foot pain is all but gone!  Not to mention the treatments are among the most 'zonk-y' I've ever had, and I think she's helped me with a lot of other health and life issues.  I can't get enough!"

Jen, 35, Northampton, MA



"I have long been a devotee of reflexology and Krista is one of the best practitioners I have had the privilege of meeting.  Thus it was with great anticipation I tried her reflexology plus hand and head treatment.  It will now be my treatment of choice. Working with the hands and head perfectly compliments and balances working with the feet.  I recommend her work without reservation."
Pat Burnell


"Krista's Reflexology treatments are so relaxing and truly a pleasure to have. It is my one treatment that I look forward to having and even though I can not claim it on my health benefits it is worth every penny. From the beginning when you lie down and get a warm eye pad filled with lavender and then the warm sock goes on one foot while she is doing the treatment on the other. Krista always asks if there are any areas that need some extra attention and works on them and I also like to know if she finds any tender spots that I should know about.  There is no talking once the treatment starts and the relaxing soft music in the background sets the perfect ambiance."

Sheila Chessell



“I have been a client of Krista’s for a number of years, with both Reflexology and Ayurveda. Since meeting Krista I have acquired a better understanding of how my body and mind are connected. Her calm, knowledgeable presence puts you immediately at ease. Listening to your needs and feeding your desire to reach optimum inner peace is her goal”.

Nancy Altenburg



"People who are seeking out Reflexology need to come with an open mind. My experience with reflexology has been wonderful, I recieve my treatments on a regular bases for the removal of stress and tenison. This allows me to live an active lifestyle and it allows my body to heal on it's own. Reflexlogy can be done on anyone young or old. It can tune up a healthy body or start the process of healing an unhealthy body. If you ever get a chance to recieve a reflexology treament with Krista, please try it and have a open mind about it, it truly works and has changed my life."

John Seary



"Krista's sincere intention when applied to her Reflexology and/or Ayurvedic treatments creates deep inner peace and calmness. This always brings healing to my body.  I have experienced this many times with my treatments from Krista."

Janet Bjorkquist