A Therapeutic Beauty Treatment designed to offset the early formation of wrinkles, decongest skin pores, remove toxins, stimulate blood circulation, and improve skin tone. Your skin will glow! Includes scalp, face, neck, hand & foot massage, and use of steamer.


Note: Sarada Ayurvedic Skin Care is used in this treatment.


Ayurveda prescribes a specific routine for maintaining healthy, lustrous, glowing skin. It is important to care for the skin all over your body, but a facial skin treatment has special significance, as our face is the focal point of our appearance.


Ayurvedic skin care consists of seven steps:

  • Cleansing
  • Exfoliate (garshna)
  • Steam
  • Nourishing mask
  • Oil Massage
  • Tone & moisturize



During this treatment head, face, hands, and feet will all be worked. A steamer will be used on the face during a facial that consists of exfoliation/cleanse/mask/moisturize.
Products are organic and gentle, you will feel calm and relaxed with a glowing face!