It's your natural state to be healthy; the goal is to find your balance

The master key to health is awareness. When you are aware of your Ayurvedic constitution, you gain insight to how your mind, body, and emotions respond to the changing conditions in your environment and the numerous facets of your daily life. You can then make informed choices to maintain good health. Explore these pages to learn different ways to stay healthy. 


We are all different. When you become aware of your body, you are better able to bring yourself into balance, becoming your own healing doctor. When in tune with your truest nature, your body is naturally designed to balance and restore itself. Tune in and listen to what your body is telling you.


About Krista Carleton


Krista has been practicing holistic healthcare for around 15 years, founding Inner Reflexions in Stratford Ontario before moving to Massachusetts in 2010, and Rhode Island in 2017. Krista is a Certified Reflexologist and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant who furthered her Ayurvedic Training in India. Understanding that each and every person is uniquely different, Krista aims to work along side with her clients to address their current state and work to find a comfortable routine, diet, and lifestyle that is of proper balance.  If one is healthy, sick, or somewhere in between, the goal is to find balance, and learn the ways to maintain it, so we can all essentially be our own healing doctor.  


"It is up to you to decide how deep you would like to go into your personal journey of well-being and healing, my role is to assist you in any way I can."