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Krista Carleton established Inner Reflexions in 2006 in Stratford Ontario, Canada, and has since then worked in many locations all over North America, most recently landing in Warren Rhode Island. She is trained in Ayurveda, Foot & Facial Reflexology, Marma Point Therapy, Reiki, Gua Sha Mastery, Stone Medicine, Facial Cupping, and Yoga Nidra. 

Krista trained at Conestoga College in Ontario as an Alternative Holistic Practitioner, at the Kripalu School of Yoga & Ayurveda in western Massachusetts, the JIVA Institute in Faridabad India, and Regents University in London UK. She has been fortunate to  train with many renowned teachers such as Dr. Partap Chauhan, Dr. John Doulliard, Satyanarayana Dasa Babaji, Dr. Vasant Lad, and UK's leading Reflexology expert, Ziggie Bergman. Krista offers Yoga and "Mindful Moments" classes for kids in the Barrington community, as well offers Yoga Nidra guided meditation classes for adults. 



"My greatest gift and joy is to help facilitate the body into a healing state of being...given the right time and environment,  it is inevitable, the body knows just what to do."  

Krista Carleton 

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Phone: +1 413-588-1057 +1 413-588-1057


Wellbeing Clinic

22 Water St 

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Inner Reflexions

24 Bay Rd

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