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"You all need to schedule a facial reflexology session with Krista at Inner Reflexions. I feel like singing from the rooftops that this was such an amazing journey.  Now that I have experienced this complete relaxation, rejuvenation, and inner peace, I will continue to make time in my life to experience this again and again. She makes you feel comfortable, is extremely knowledgeable and talented, and her love and passion for helping individuals find their inner peace to heal is evident. I now look forward to each week when I can put everything out of my mind, and find complete peace in a hectic world. It is more than a facial, although my skin was glowing and looked and felt amazing, it brought calmness to my entire body, and I left feeling energized.  This makes an amazing gift for a parent, friend, partner, or most importantly yourself." 

KH (Facial Reflexology & Zone Face Lift)

"Krista has a healing energy.  She has thought of every detail. The moment I walked into her space I felt relaxed. The ambiance gave peace and comfort, it was easy to shift into relax mode. The experience of this treatment was an opportunity to reflect on my emotional health and I was surprised how having my face touched brought up old emotions. Each treament I feel like my soul has healed in some way. This all is happening because of Krista's talent, technique and energy. Things I would want to know for my first time -  It's natural to feel a little vunerable letting someone touch your face. This quickly dissolves. If an urge comes up to itch or adjust, try to notice if it is a message from your body or a real urge. I found I had an easy time to stay in a complete relaxed perfect still position - like a deep meditation - yet so focused and clear minded. This is definitely a new mode of healing for me that I want to incorporate more. I feel like I pushed the reset switch on my life!!"

KB (Facial Reflexology & Zone Face Lift) 

"It feels SO amazing!! Around my eyes and my mouth it feels much smoother. I had to put makeup on to go to an event and the radiance still shines through with makeup! I am so happy and truly impressed. I will definitely be sticking with it and making regular appointments." 

CH (Facial Reflexology  Zone Face Lift) 

"The Zone Face Lift Facial was such a fabulous experience. As a busy working mom, I don’t tend to take time for myself, and I’m so glad I carved out the time for this delightful and restorative treatment. Krista is so amazingly skilled and it is evident she absolutely loves what she does. I didn’t realize I was holding so much of my stress in my face, and during this treatment, I experienced stress relief at such a deep level- much more than I even imagined possible! From Krista’s peaceful presence, to the warm towels, to the varied facial techniques, to the delightful products and deep relaxation, this experience was a true gift to myself. As a person who cares for others, I tend to forget myself. This was just what I needed and I will definitely be back for more!"

MC (Facial Reflexology & Zone Face Lift)

"It was next level, book yourself a treatment." 

LT (Zone Face Lift / Spititual Facial) 

"Phenomenal experience, space and care!!! Already looking forward to my next."

MS (Hello Bliss)  


"Now I know what clay feels like in the hands of a gifted sculptor. Krista is an artist. I highly recommend her work."

VH (Facial Reflexology) 

"My face is glowing and my shoulders and neck are more relaxed and flexible. I also notice my chin scar is more loosened, not as tight, which is such a great improvement!"

DF (Facial Reflexology)

"Krista has a gift of transporting you into deep relaxation. I have had many facials, massages, and holistic treatments thoughout my life and I must say this facial is incredible! I was amazed that in 75 minutes I felt so connected, cared for, and rejuvinated."

JG (Zone Face Lift)

"The most wonderful, most unique experience!!"

MW (Facial Reflexology & Zone Face Lift) 

"That was f**king awesome."

VH (Facial Reflexology) 

"These treatments have been life changing for me. They help me to find my peace."

EN (Spiritual Facial) 

"What an amazing sensory journey into restful, calm, energizing, upifting, all at once. How can that be?!"

SC (ZFL The Spiritual Facial)

"Phenomenal experience, space and care. I cant hardly wait until my next experience!!!"

MS (Hello Bliss) 

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22 Water St 

Warren,  RI 

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Products Used: 


Zone Face Lift  Skincare Line

Owl & Hive Apothecary

iYura Ayurveda

Flying Wild  

Solavedi Organics 

Banyan Botanicals

Ren Clean Skincare


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